Effective youtube subscription counters

live subscriber count

Most people that advertise on youtube do so by making a video about their product and waiting for views to come in. This is all common sense. What they do not understand though is that if you are a professional seo practitioner like me then you understand that just creating a video is not enough to increase the ranking of your website. The key to increasing your page rank has always been quality links. When you post a video to youtube and you add your link in the description, it is given a no follow attribute. This renders that link useless to the search engine bot or spider, because no follow links pass any page rank to your page. The only do follow link that you can get out of youtube is on your channel. The website field on your channel profile is the only do follow link that you have access to. Make sure you plug your website in this field.

When someone sends you a friend invite, do not just accept the request, but also visit their channel and subscribe to them. After you have done that, leave a comment if they allow you to on their channel and say that you have subscribed to them, and ask them if they would please subscribe you back. The more subscribers and friends you have the more backlink your youtube channel has. This will directly send the page rank to your site, because of the do follow link on your channel. Remember, when commenting on people’s channels and videos never repeat the same comment more than once. This will get your comment flagged as spam, and will not be visible to the person you are trying to send it to. Instead, re-word your comment and personalize it as much as you can for every person or video that you comment on. Saying a comment like thanks for the invite, I subbed you sub me back. repeated will just get you flagged for spam, and possibly get your account deleted.

Another thing that you must do is have unique video content that you upload regularly. You can include a link in the description because users will click the link. Just do not expect to get page rank from simply posting your url in video descriptions, as I mentioned above these types of links are all no follow on YouTube live subscribers website. Instead do a real world how-to video, or something funny that could possibly go viral. If all else fails do a video blog with your face, and talk about current events. If you are going to do video blogs, make sure its controversial or something that could spark conversation, that way you can really benefit off of the keywords people drop in comments.